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Default Re: sprocket rag adaptor what do you think

Originally Posted by vballspen View Post
i finished my motor bike number 6 today. the bike is really long so i know have to add some chain links on. but the issue i am having is that the chain is rubbing the tire. its not a little either its rubbing bad. i installed the sprocket the way it is supposed to go. i would flip it but i counter sunk it to fit the coaster brake arm. at this point should i get another piece of that rubber to space it out further i think i have just enough room to make it fit. or should i opt for the clam shell. i have been reading about them for a couple months now but i don't know if it will work with a coaster brake. please help me out here this sucks. i have 2 months into this bicycle and still not on the road for little things like this, but that is the fun part of these bicycles.
What in the world did you read that led you to believe a clamshell will not work with a coaster brake?

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