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Originally Posted by lokerman View Post
OK here's some pics of the intake silencer job I did. I just copied the one from BarelyAwake, with a little modification. I'll point out that the black stuff that holds the white PVC piece to the carb and the blue hose to the grey box is JB Weld, the 4 minute kind. The first piece of PVC is a 60 degree, 1.5 inch(I think) elbow, and the second piece from the carb is a 90 degree, 1.5 inch street elbow. It fits inside the first piece snugly, but I have 2 tiny screws holding it in place just in case. The air filter is inside the grey box at the end. The part of that grey box that is attached to the hose is actually a lid of sorts, and is screwed on, thus allowing access to the foam filter for replacement or whatever. The intake noise has been reduced by something like I'm guessing about 95%. I really can only hear this kind of loud popping now, and the chain. But this hasn't been a perfect success. I was riding around and I think the airflow is too restricted, because at WOT it wasn't fully responding and wouldn't reach full RPM. Also, the air filter sponge in the grey box got kind of crunched up near the hole that goes to the hose, I think because it was not letting enough air through. I might end up replacing the box with a KNN or something, or maybe take the sponge out and put a KNN onto the box, not sure yet. As far as the leaks I reported earlier, that was due to gaskets, so I replaced all of them, and problem solved.
Another * snorkel * intake.....and it actually reduces intake whine ?.....I still don't understand why all y'all complain about intake noise....aren't way more loud ?. to each their collective own I guess.....good biking y'all....

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