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I run with a jackshaft kit from Sick Bike Parts on a frame with no fenders. I recently realized that I can jam a length of cardboard box corner, 2 inches x 2 inches x 15 inches, into the frame, separating the exposed jackshaft, sprockets, and chains from the 26 inch tire and flying road debris.

The cardboard is rigid enough to hold itself into place, but can be bent at the corners to jam itself at the bottom bracket and into the rear wheel down arms. The cardboard is also kind of easy to cut into custom wider shape at the area between the jackshaft and wheel. Unless the cardboard gets water-soaked, it should last a long time and keep the moving parts cleaner. It clears the tire by a quarter inch or so. It rubs against the jackshaft a little, but a bit of axle grease at that location makes the contact a non-issue.

Spray paint it with matching (or contrasting) color and it looks like a factory add-on. Spray on the inside angle and make it water proof. If necessary, it is easy to remove and replace, maybe with different paint; maybe some ownership indentification.


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