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Originally Posted by Sydneysider View Post
They're not illegale here, mate. While going to and from work, I and so many others have ridden past heaps of cops by the side of the road, most of them give me a friendly wave. Now if they were illegal, wouldnt I have copped a hefty fine and take my bike away? I still got my bike.. They're not illegal here. Not yet anyway and hopefully never will be.
Sorry dude its not that i dont want them to be illegal but as far as this page is concerned they are.
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It might look a bit grey but it holds up in a court of law, as i said in an earlier post i know a guy who got done unlicenced unregisted no insurance and not paying road tax and is still paying the fines about 2k total and cannot get a licence for a car untill all fines are payed.
Maybe he had a **** lawyer

Find a cop who knows the law and ask them. the fact that cops wave at you is complete luck that they clearly dont know our own law.
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