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Default Re: Soon to be my new Motorbike!!!

Ok guys, here's what I've done so far. It's been a long build. Issues all the way. But, I think I'm working out the kinks here, just stopped for some food. been going 3 or 4 hours straight on this build so far. Lol, I hope I have that sprocket straight! Can't pedal all the way around, the left pedal needs to be bent, other pedal clears by like 2mm. lol. So I can pedal 80% of the way around. Good enough for now. Mounted without frame adapter, like it's supposed to, and I used leather belt on the motor mounts to dampen a ton of whatever vib this thing's gonna experience. I need to put a spacer nut on the rear left axle. The chain rubs on the frame, with the spacer, it should be fine. It seems fine when I pull on the frame a bit, so a spacer would make sense. It's coming along fine, I may not even need new fuel line, I just need to move the tank back towards the seat for now, and I've yet to change over the handlebars. It's coming though.
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