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Default Re: Soon to be my new Motorbike!!!

I saw the dude in his house, pointed, and he waved it away, sayin take it. lol, I made sure I wasn't stealing it. ha ha. So, I have fixed the bike, and first ride, smooth, silent, and oh man, does it ever respond when you push on those pedals! I was in hard gear PEDALING uphill!!! I was in shock. Lol, when the engine is installed, It's going to be very fast! Bike weighs nothing too, I can't believe they threw this out! I found another throw out that is in way worse shape. Lol, It's a womans 10 speed, but I figure it's extra parts, since I haven't any for this type of bike. As for the pedals hitting the engine, what can I do about that? If it happens. I'm starting the build in about 10 mins, I don't plan to pedal much, it's all engine for me, so if I can just bend the pedal arms slightly to fit, would that work? lol. I don't really want to do that. It's all original parts on this bike, every part is metal stamped, pedal arms, derailer, handlebars, frame, etc. Anyways, How can I fix the hitting pedal problem if it happens?
I'm not trying to spend any money. lol
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