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Default Re: Where to buy mounting hardware at

Originally Posted by AaronF View Post
Thank you for the suggestions guys!I have a 15 year old giant that is 6011 aluminum alloy with a 2" tubing.The studs that come from the front motor mount do not clear the frame it self,it will grind into my frame.Now if i were to raise the engine just a little would that help with the clearance of the studs?I'm kind of clueless what to do here!Thanks
just make your mount...i had to make one so i copied the "universal one" that came in my kit...get a small piece of flat iron,and a 2"u-bolt with nylock nuts...i would not try to put a bushing inbetween due to it just being something to wear out and make your mount come loose...measure your mounting stud spacing and drill the plate acordingly...then give yourself 2 holes separated by 2" ...bolt the plate to your motor dont try to use the studs and put the u-bolt around the tube...really easy to make and cheap...good luck with whatever you decide to do
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