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Default Re: How many options for centered sprocket?

Just glancing over the other hub mount I have to say I noticed a couple of things.

One, it looks like they're just using a hub with threads on the left for either a brake disk or a flip flop hub. How could they patent this since I've seen it done many times before. Grubee even offers a kit to do this.

Two is this statement:

The common method to start a bike's gas motor requires the rider to pedal the bike up to a certain speed and then let go of the clutch -- called a jump-start. Each time you stop for a traffic light or stop sign, this routine is repeated.
Umm is that what I'm supposed to do at a light or a stop sign? If so I've been riding the wrong way. lol

Oh and I think it's really called a bump-start, you jump-start a car with a dead battery.
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