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Default Re: 48cc ban?

well. I have dealt with the same guy on multiple occasions, and each time he's been solidly honest with me in our dealings ,which is why I come back to him specifically. I know from JUST reading an article on MSNBC that we are going to start heavy tariffs on Chinese imports as a whole, as well as taxes for the companies here that distribute,meaning our lil China Girls are gonna have to be paid big money for like Vegas hookers.


The next obvious question is: Who are making these engines here up to par with the EPA, and what type of patents do these engines have on em? I mean..tons of different companies over there are making them, so why can't we find a way to reverse engineer, improve on standards, and mass produce it here? I actually do know an owner of a local West Michigan metal shop who does parts for GM as well as the aeronautics industry..
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