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Default Re: How many options for centered sprocket?

Originally Posted by HT2005 View Post
I didn't mention that the hubs on my wheels are of the elliptical (cone?) shape and that if I wanted to use Jim's adapter, I'd have to buy new wheels.

I'm getting the impression that some people think this thread is comical. I don't understand why some people think this way. Is it because Mr.Swarthout has a monopoly on adapters?

I'm just looking for all options and the online message board is the best way, in my opinion, to find these.

Good afternoon!

One of my customers, and an all-around good guy bought a hub from a company in CA. It is made specifically for MB's. I have the info at the shop, but I'm home now. His screen name here is outrunner. If you are inclined to relace a wheel, this would be a great option. It's not difficult, and everyone should do it at least once. I made him a custom 37T sprocket for his hub. PM outrunner and he will be glad to help.

If you do decide to buy another wheel with a cylindrical hub...I'll be glad to make you an adapter and sprocket. I don't have a monopoly on a rag joint alternative...I do have a monopoly on the process. I don't know of anyone else who will make them to order for an exact fit.

My adapter does require that the customer accurately measure the hub...I've shipped nearly 500 units, 200 have gone to several of my vendors. The other 300 went to individual customers...there have been zero problems thus far. I have been designing new products for far too long to let a non-proven product leave the shop. Yes I tested it extensively before anyone knew I had them for sale.

Most people don't like to talk-up products for fear of being considered a spammer, or somehow affiliated with the seller of said products. Out of 300 retail sales...about 20 have posted comments here on the forum. I'll ask one of my vendors and a few individual customers to give thier impression.

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