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Default My First Build...

So I have been working on my first build for the last 3 days and its always one thing away from being done. I installed the engine, the sprocket, and all the wires and realized the engine chain was a lil to long, so I removed a link. Then I reatached everything and then the chain was too short!!!, I had to sit for hours hammering the pins on the old links I had removed before, then used the vise to push the pins back into the chain.

But then then once the chain was on and everything was back together it kept popping off the sprocket
i realized that i had made the engine slightly tilted when i mounted it.

Does anyone have a beach cruiser mounting template????
and If not I'm gonna make one myself and post it so you can print it

i finally got my engine as straight as i could get it without re mounting it and got it riding!!
It was so fun until my master link popped off !!!
It scrapped on the chain tension-er must have got caught on it because my chain tension-er wheel shot out too.

Now today i get to fabricate a new master link and chain tension-er
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