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Default Re: Has any one else run across this one?

Originally Posted by tsmra View Post
It was part of the 66CC kit I ordered. I'll refrain from stating where the kit came from. Don't want to start a bash fest, just curious how often this might come up. If I reuse the rag joint that 3rd joint will get trimmed. Honestly I just don't see how the backing pieces would have laid flat with that much over lap on each segment (1st picture in original post). Had I just trimmed that 3rd segment it would have probably turned out fine. Those little bolts got cranked down ALOT to smooth out the high spot with in ~1mm. Half stepping it again that’s all. It will be a little while before the engine gets fired, after looking in the exhaust port there is a little flash that should probably be removed. Working on 2 stroke motors is all new to me. Time to start reading up. Winter is right around the corner and I HATE the cold and snow so there is plenty of time.
You probably did not need to trim the backing pieces. Check them before installation. Set the rubber spacers aside and lay the split metal pieces flat on the sprocket and drop the bolt through the holes. If the bolts can be put in the holes without having to overlap the pieces, then you just need to use a little leverage to stretch the rubber spacers. Slowly tighten the complete assembly on the bike. A flat bladed screwdriver and a little leverage will allow you to stretch the rubber enough to allow the backing pieces to fall into place.
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