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Default Re: Has any one else run across this one?

Every rag joint I've assembled had the same issue of overlapping metal plates. It is easy to take care of. The screwdriver method will probably work but I use a large pair of reverse snap ring pliers to pry the metal plates apart to get things to lay flat prior to tightening the bolts.
As for the argument betwen the clamshell verses the rag joint sprocket attachment, that is for those who have used both and have a basis for comparison. I have over 1500 milkes on my first rag joint and have not had any issues. No movment, no broken spokes and no sprocket wobble or chain problems. The clamp-on style of hub adapter, if properly sized for your particular hub, is certainly the way to go for those with the budget to support it but for those with limited funds, the kit supplied rag joint will suffice but proper installation is essential. There is little room for error with it. Sprocket concentricity is the most important factor and that takes time and patients to achieve. The clam-shell adapter takes the guesswork and frustration out of the sprocket installation and that's where it shines, especially for those with limited mechanical experience. Jim's adapter is the best available and if you want a precision part that will assure your sprocket will run true then I suggest that be your route. If you're handy and patient, the rag joint will work fine too. You just need to understand its concept and limitations.
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