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Default Re: has anyone tried e85 yet?

Originally Posted by Kevlarr View Post
Cars get 30% less mileage from E-85 then regular gasoline. This is why the whole E-85 boon failed, the E-85 producers couldn't get the price 30% lower to match the reduction in mileage, all they ended up doing was drive up food prices.

They built an E-85 plant nearby two years ago and their big thing was they were paying 10% more then anyone for corn. Well around here corn either goes for livestock feed or food production (biggest buyers are Kellogg, Post and Jiffy Mix Co.) so pretty much things like milk, beef, bread, cereal, etc. DOUBLED in price overnight.

Pre- E-85 milk $1.99-$2.50 a gallon, ground chuck $1.30 - $2 per lb.
After E-85 plant was running milk jumped to nearly $5 a gallon and beef went to over $4 a lb. for chuck.
This is farm country folks, the milk we drink and meat we eat comes from farms within 50 miles away. With a family of 5 I was paying more per week for milk and beef then I was for gas even at $4.50 gal.

After one season of production the E-85 plant went bankrupt, thank God! Food prices have been pretty much back to normal ever since. Actually bought milk for $1.40 this week. lol
I agree totally that e85 failed miserably it harmed many American farmers for years to come most were not able to fertilize their farms this year.
I am cautious about food prices next year.

In Arizona the GREEDY crooked oil company's put so much Alcohol in every type of fuel it was dissolving the in tank pumps on GMC vehicles.
My happytime ran fine with a jet change.
It dissolved the paint or coating on the inside of my tank.
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