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Cool Whats Up With Shipping To Calif.?

Thank you for the reply..... Now...I need to know who ships to California? Also, why is it that I will read, on many of these web sites, in big letters at the top of their page, "EPA Approved", then in small letters at the bottom, "will not ship to California because of carb restrictions"? Are merchants liable, or subject to fines, if as a customer I am ticketed by local law enforcement for operating a non EPA approved carb? Some how that doesn't make since. Does the EPA have officers at the shipping company's watching for these types of shipments ready to ponce? Somebody enlighten me. What is up with the carburetors? Is there something inherently poisonous about them, that "Californian's" have to be protected from, and everybody else in the world can just go ahead and die? Somebody must be shipping to CA. because I've seen these 80cc Starfire or "Stinger"engines and similar powering around the sunshine state without a second look from law enforcement.

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