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Originally Posted by jay sawdust View Post
well im gonna try the solar charger...ive got the panel,the charge controller (thanks myocardia) and a couple 12v rechargeable i can get all automotive lights.....any sugestions?.....i was just at wallyworld and saw some driveing,fog and work lights....dont know witch would be gonna mount the panel on the rack,but make it removeable....ill keep you guys posted as to how it works
Wow, I can't believe that stuff is there already! You aren't going to be able to use automotive fog or driving lights, unless you want 1 hour of usability, and a week of recharge time. You'll be able to use a couple of bright 12V LED's though, and have it be completely recharged each day. You also could use three 1 watt Luxeon LED headlights (they're 4.5V each), and be able to be seen from the big island.

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