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Default Re: So how much money in your Bike?

How much? A good used car might have been cheaper. But I will add my share:

Bike #1:
$ 45 for used 24" mountain bike (hers)
$200 to have it professionally overhauled (do it myself next time!)
$165 for the higher-end engine kit (shipping included)
$ 50 for new tires and puncture resistant tubes
$ 15 for rear-view mirror
$ 45 for good helmet
$ 70 for bright yellow riding jacket
$ 50 for foo-foo carrying bags (she bought them)
$640 for a bike she can start and ride without fear.

Bike #2:
$ 0 for Haro V3 mountain bike I purchased 15 years ago
$ 165 to have it professionally overhauled, handlebars, pedals (will do it myself next time!)
$ 165 for the higher-end engine kit (shipping included)
$ 200 for the jackshaft kit
$ 50 for parts to rebuild the engine after breaking head studs
$ 45 for metric tap and die set to help rebuild engine (has no other use)
$ 50 for new tires and puncture-resistant tubes (rears later ruined by HUGE nail on highway)
$ 30 for replacement rear wheel set of tires and tubes
$ 15 for rear-view mirror
$ 70 for bright yellow riding jacket to chase cagers away
$ 128 for Bell motorcycle helmet to chase cagers away
$ 17 for security cable
$ 65 for extra comfortable gel-filled seat
$ 45 for SenDec Tachometer
$ 20 for Bell electronic speedometer
$1065 ! And some dollars for hardware store parts, pieces, and drills. I tend to spend above the bare-bones minimum for anything I want to last for a long time.

But a higher-end new off-the-rack road or mountain bike can still easily exceed this pricetag. And not be as much fun. And still a whole lot cheaper than any scooter I have priced.

Oh, well. When I'm done inspecting and tightening bolts, I know I can ride this combination all day long in comfort at good speeds with confidence I will get back (barring nails on the road and running out of gas). 25 mile rides are common; did a 138 mile ride not long ago; am planning a 150 miler as weather permits.

Until state law enforcers require it, I'm holding off on lights, registration and all that...


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