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Default Re: TollyFab MK2 MOD01 - first bike

Originally Posted by NEAT TIMES View Post
Just My 2 Cents, I Could Never Understand The 16:1 Oil Ratio. To Me That Seems Almost Like Diesel Fuel. For Over 30 Yrs I Ran All My Chain Saws At 42:1 With Good And With Cheap Mix Oil. ( Full Time Tree Service With Several Employees). Only One Saw Put Rod Thru The Block, I Think They Put Straight Gas In It, I Was Not On The Job. That Was Close To 30 Yrs Ago. Have Never Had To Over Haul Any Saw. Just Clean A Carb = Rarely. Just Replace Chains, Sprockets, Saw Bars, And The Roller Tips Now And Then. The Cheaper Saws With The Vaccum Chain Oilers Are A Pita. Ran Amsoil In My 600 Hp Big Block Ford (454 Cid.) In The 1970`s. Plan On Running Amsoil And Opt 2 In Mab. Imho. Just A Thought. Ron

A bicycle is NOT a chain saw....where as I can see your point of view..( I owned a landscape/lawn maintenance firm for 27 years ) just seems good advice to * break in * a motor....would you like it if you were haulin' ass down a road and all of a sudden....*BAM*....your motor failes due to incorrect fuel/oil ratio REQUIRED during a break in period ?.....there's a reason they tell us to break the motors in....these are CHINESE motors....what's the downside of using a tad more oil for the first couple tanks ?. better safe than sorry I say.....just my dimes worth.....

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