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Default Re: Has any one else run across this one?

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post
Leaving the theories aside, I don't think that anyone can argue whether or not it is a good idea to drive the entire hub.
Driving the hub sounded better in theory, but not practice in my case. Only two other bikes that ever came back with broken spokes happened to be clamshell. Those riders were pretty heavy which maybe be a factor. And I did have broken spokes myself recently with rag joint so maybe it was coiincidence.

Installation took longer but that may be because I'm getting so good at slapping on those el cheapo donuts. The real issues arose when they changed to a bike with different size hub. The clamshell did not fit. And another fellow went through several bikes before he found one that was adaptable because of hub shape, not just size.

Personally it would not work for me either because I also try many different bike models and there's a cost issue. Your product is very cool looking and I know several people who are very happy with it. IMO it depends on what people are looking to get out of these HTs.
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