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Default Re: So how much money in your Bike?

How much money do I have in my bikes? Oh, man... do I really want to know? I don't. I know I could have a much nicer car than I have (88 Samurai) if I didn't divert most everything beyond scratching by into my bikes. I think I will stay away from exploring this any further... don't want to compromise the fun I'm having. It is like adding up all you've spent on beer in the last year might make the next one taste not so good. It's just one at a time, like the bike stuff... just a seat, just a new set of wheels, just another motor and they're pretty cheap and it is a prudent thing to have a spare bike in case the other one doesn't work at the moment, and it would run better with a tuned exhaust, and being safe with good brakes is just the sensible thing to do. And lights, you really need lights. You know how it is. Don't add it up, I say.

Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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