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Originally Posted by Reel Adventure View Post
A hill has nothing to do with it. At some point if the hill is steep enough (on the down grade) the 32 will stay in the power longer than a 36 before it winds out.

Now if you are building a hill climbing bike a larger sprocket will have more power to get up the hill. The 36 will have more torque to CLIMB and out perform a 32 on a up hill battle.
I see you've improved your post a bit. Now that you add "downgrade" the old statement is true but not too relevant. When we talk about hills here it's generally about going UP them. As I mentioned in the other thread it's easy to go downhill at 55-60mph but if the engine is engaged it will most likely sustain damage. For several reasons.

A popular phrase on this forum: "Downhill Don't Count"

But then you tack on this last statement which is not always true:

Originally Posted by Reel Adventure View Post
The smaller the sprocket the faster the top end speed will be
If you now add the disclaimer "provided you have the power" like Spunout did earlier, we will be on the same wavelength.
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