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Originally Posted by Reel Adventure View Post
I find this fun. I have stated why my statement is true. Lets hear yours.

Just so you know, I am a ex expert class roadracer in the 600 cc class. I have raced road atlanta, daytona, robeling road, carloina motor sports park and a few more. Each race we changed sprockets for the track and track conditions. I think I know what i'm talking about....or have I been wrong for all these years?

Im all ears! Also re-read post 11, I spelled it out a bit better, wich may have been why we differ on this but I doubt it.
It's quite simple. As the ratio goes down so does torque. And it is torque that makes bikes go not horsepower. You should know this. It is the reason we have reduction in these and don't mount the rear wheel directly to the crankshaft to go 400mph. It is why they don't make 10t rear sprockets.

Maybe "expert class roadracer in the 600 cc class" will not notice this but anybody who has tried different sprockets on our 2hp engines does. Two of my bikes have less top speed when I put on 36t sprocket. They are 50cc not 600cc. This is the voice of experience, not armchair engineering.

And if you are sticking to your story that "hills have nothing to do with this" then you have zero credibilty. And your statement about "hill is steep enough the 32 will stay in the power longer than a 36" appears to be a typo (we are talking about rear sprockets, right?). Otherwise your going negative on credibility.

Smaller rear sprocket does not aways increase speed.

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