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Default Re: Skeptics Review of SBP Tuned Pipe

Originally Posted by Ghost0 View Post
The use of nonferrous gaskets is to combat leaks due to heat cycling. The theory is that if the metals have the same coefficient of thermal expansion they will expand and contract at the same rate which should then never create a leak. By using the stock gasket you improved your seal because it is soft and will mask the defective header but will leak over time due to the dissimilar material heat cycling.

We test fit about 10 of the headers and they all fit, I think you just got a bad one. Again we will be glad to replace it for you. We have made improvements to the header eliminating one of the copper pieces and having it incorporated into the header. This eliminates one point of potential leak.

You did install the clamps per the manual but we are constantly improving our products and in doing so created a slip joint and have not covered the correct clamp installation for the newest pipe, there are still some of the earlier ones out there. The clamp should go on either side of the slip joint on the smaller diameter tube section. Then the clamps will fit. I have attached a photo of what will appear in the manual
As an engineer and mfg myself I understand how these things "slip" through the "cracks". Still not sure what slip joint changes were made. The photos look similar. It still appears to me clamps are too small regardless of version. Even on the small end mine barely fit. For example with clamp on but not tightened the pipe can not be inserted. And others in this thread have mentioned the same issue. Anyway, a couple from the HF assortment solved the problem.

Interesting about the thermal expansion theory. Never had leaks with stock gaskets but they are so brittle great care must be taken when reusing them. I like Mr Gasket 5961 Ultra Seal material (Amazon) best. Easy to cut, not brittle, cheap, and lasts forever.

All-in-all I'm really pleased with the ease of install and power increase for the kit.
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