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Default Re: Has any one else run across this one?

Originally Posted by tsmra View Post
The backing plates for the rag joint all over lapped by 1/8 to 1/4 inch each. I cut 2 of the joints and the 3rd joint fell into place. That is until it was assembly time. that 3rd joint overlapped again so I just followed the advice given by the seller and preyed the apart till it lay flat and went about tighten down the nuts. Well there was quite a high spot on the sprocket and as it turned out it was right over that 3rd joint.
As it turns out the whole thing has to come apart any way because there is a clearance issue with chain and tire ( flat sprocket ) so I was thinking of putting an extra piece of rubber between the out side rag joint and the sprocket. Also think I will order a Manic Mechanic sprocket adaptor latter this week.
Couple of pics to help explain.
Dude scrap it and start again either with creative's hub adapter or start again with a new rag joint do not cut it! if they overlap pry it with a screwdriver. Also there is no need for the metal 3 peice on the other side of the sprocket as the sprocket does this job. I did the same but found that the 2 piece and the 3 peice go over each other inside the hub then the rubber pieces then the sprocket.
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