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Pablo, I respect your desire to promote your product which you believe in but Amsoil only surpasses a castor blended synthetic in ash content, smoke output, and low pour point.

Once an oil flashes it isn't there anymore to do its job. Its that simple. Synthetic oils have their place and AMSOIL has very good 4 stroke products. Its 2 stroke products do not have the same superiority over other synthetics and products as their 4 stroke products do.

In the rare event that a castor blended 2 stroke oil is overheated and flashes, it actually flashes to a dry residual filmlike varnish that is it by itself a lubricant. No synthetic can claim this. Is a castor blended oil perfect? Nope, it has its own drawbacks but I feel that it is the best option for a bushing engine or a roller bearing engine that is aircooled.

Would I ever consider using Amsoil 2 stroke oil? Sure, in a non chinese POS product that has some quality and engineering thought behind it. Using Amsoil in a chinese 2 stroke engine is like putting a pretty dress on an ugly girl...what's the point?

PS I hope I didn't offend anyone who is dating or married to an ugly girl.
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