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Talking Love this site ! So many sweet bikes and parts people !!!!!!

Waving at everyone !
ANd a big Thanks to the people or person who started this great Site !

Some may know us.... some may not.
We have been around for some time now with over 3 1/2 million hits on our web site.
We took 3 years off for a......ummm.....Devorice.....(didnt want her to get her hands on the Co. !)
A bit about us. Ummmm we have built and shipped just over 80 of OUR choppers to 8 countries so far.

We have and continue to build chopper bicycles for Chopper builders of TV shows and the kids of all ages next door. Most recent high profile order goes to a TV builder in toronto,and a Austrailian (SP?) Model chick.
Our Bikes have been On Wild on E,The Speed channel,Miami ink and in a few motorcycle mags including featured builder in barnetts motorcycle show case mag. Just recently A pink Northwest chopper came out in Car Kulture Delux mag (rat rods).
I personaly love the building of anything with wheels... But now we have been bit by the motor bug........ ohhhhhhh man......... what a blast to build and RIDE !
Orders continue to come in and the market continues to change...
All the sweet parts now !!!!! This we love !
We were the motor behind the 3 inch wide tire.
We contacted Skyway back in 03 to discuss up coming market trends and they listened !
Within a month we had the very first 20x3 inch wide tire to road test.
Now we are smoking them with motorized Northwest choppers !!!!! AH HAHAHAHA !!!!
And loving every min !
Looking forward to many more builds and all the new parts builders !
Hit us up !
Love all the GREAT looking Builds on the site !
Build on.

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