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Default Re: Has any one else run across this one?

Hey guys,

The rubber mount is a bit of a hassle to install. Been there...done that! I don't like fiddling around with "ought nots"...meaning, ought not to have been done in the first place.

In terms of being fairly universal...the rubber mount wasn't, entirely, a bad idea. With enough messin' around: it is, of course, usable.

From an engineering standpoint I looked at it this way:

1) The engine is driving the rear wheel via the spokes on 1/2 of the wheel. Bad idea!

2) Based on the fixed location of the sprocket, there is little opportunity to properly align the chain with the engine. Some of the universal application criteria just became an installers nightmare!

3) Maintaining proper concentricity of the sprocket will require periodic adjustments, wheel replacement. Who needs the hassle!

The sprocket adapter addresses all of these problems, and eliminates them for good.

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