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Default Vendor Review : Master Lowrider (Ocolo Fl.)

Heres a quick review of my experience with :


*i am in no way affiliated or related to the owners or the business - plus i live on the opposite coast :lol: *

On sept 1st, I purchased their "26inch Fantasy Stretch Cruiser Frame ( 178$) " and a "Brown Leather Beach Cruiser Seat (39.49)"

The site clearly stated : 5-7 business day processing - which is fine for a small shop like this, plus I still had a ton of other leg work to do (like find a 1" steer tube for my downhill forks) so free shipping with a small wait still sounded good.

September 12th. The frame arrives - its painted the hideous neon teal blue i ordered (i was going to be sandblasting it anyway, so color didn't matter ) and it was in great condition so I was stoked. But the ship label said 1 of 1. The manufacturer of the of frame was on the box ( some place in CA? ) so if figured, like a lot of internet shops, the Masterlowrider was a middle man distributor and the seat was simply purchased and shipped from an entirely different wholesaler - nothing new here

September 16th rolls around and still no seat. I contact Masterlowrider (had to leave a message). No repsonse for 24hrs. I was getting a little frustrated. I open up paypal and enter a "Item not as described / wrong quantity" dispute - and shortly there after I get an email from someone (id assume the owner) of Masterlowrider apologizing for the mistake and mentioned he had his phone stolen a day or so ago - I respond with "no worries just go ahead and refund the money, shipping takes a long while so ill just find another seat"

They respond with "No don't worry about that, we will get you the seat by the end of the week" - this was sept 17th (a thursday).

it was about 11am PST

Friday evening (sept 18th) i had my seat (its so f****ing sweet lol ) at my door step - they overnighted it :clap:

So my overall opinion is : While the shipping initially lags AND they made a mistake - I really respect the fact they admitted the error and bit the shipping cost bullet to make a customer happy. I will definitely buy from them again and they are a great vendor!!!


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