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Considering we the the heart and soul of Canada's energy industry (The Alberta Oilsands) with all the bearing shops ect, I have never ran into so many blank stares in my life, I may as well have been asking for for a big mac with large fries. Most of em have never heard of #415 chain, I adjusted my clutch and the problem seems to have gone away, but I think over the winter I'm ordering a box of #415 from down east, 2 weeks ain't so long when your facing six months of minus 25 to 40....
And our winter blasts come right out of Alberta to here in noertheastern Minnesota, the u.s. icebox. 63 below here in my local town a few years back. So, thanks for the crappy winter weather, Alberta! You can get the 415 chain from venders right here advertising on the forum. I thought the 41 chain was supposed to be better, no?
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