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Default Re: 125cc engine!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Clotho View Post
I will agree with the legal part. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to ride responsibly and not worry about 'The Man'. I can't agree with the helmet part though. For one I have to ride with a helmet to be legal in Canada. If I don't have a helmet it just gives them a reason to pull me over and hassle me about the bike. For two I would never consider riding without a helmet since I know it has already saved me at least once. The noggin is a pretty delicate thing. Injury that the rest of the body will heal from will leave you a drooling imbecile if the same force is applied to your head.

It may have been 'cool' to ride without a helmet at some time in the past. Pretty sure that these days most people consider you an idiot if you are seen without one.
In Canada if you are 16 I think it is or over no helmet is required. Where I live there are all kinds riding with no helmet. A helmet did save my life more then likely about 30 years ago now. It was a serious accident and many times I wished I had died as the pain I feel now and again from it it too hard to bear. I would advise all to wear a helmet, however for me, notta.
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