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Default Re: SMASH! or 'Never Let ANYONE Ride Yer Bike'

Glad to hear it all worked out Joe, I miss my CBs sometimes - I went all over the country w/the 750 and managed not to get killed in Philly with the 350s

It's interesting, I forgot just how easy bike repair was. Spending all my time on modifying this one, trying to cram an engine that didn't fit into a frame not designed for such things - I had only done the basics of maintenance to the bike itself. It must be going on fifteen to twenty years since I did any serious repairs to a bicycle.

The only annoying bit was the various cables, as of course all the controls needed to be replaced as he had wiped out my handlebars. My derailleurs are still a bit... confused, hearing voices - they randomly shift to whatever gear they find momentarily interesting, loosing interest they then pick another o_O

meh - I had just gotten that sorted with the old setup lol

Well - if nothing else this provided an opportunity to repack all my bearings with a quality marine grease, all new cables freshly lubed and a pile of spare parts too.

As I have a spare rear wheel now, I'm gonna order the 36t sprocket and adapter, I didn't want to go through all the fuss and bother of swapping out the old one on the off chance I might like the 36 better, I really am quite happy with the 44 - this way I can do it the "easy" way yet still revert should it prove unsatisfying.

There's nothing like having everything you need for a repair right on hand lol;

I even managed to gain another 1mph from somewhere - I like to think it's cause my bike likes me, but it's prolly just the grease heh
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