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Originally Posted by bandito View Post
Wouldnt a thicker concentration of oil be better on these happy times motors? It seems if the tolerances are that loose a 100/1 ratio would be way too thin to properly lubricate the motor. Only experience I have with 2 cycles is lawn equipment and I just go by the book..........just curious.
I think we keep falling into the trap of just looking at the ratio of gas to oil, forgetting about how different the oils can be. Amsoil is a long way off from standard 2 cycle mix oil in how well it lubricates and the new to me opti-2 is a whole different critter. I've had the heads off a couple of my motors running the opti 2 and the side walls feel slick, nice and clean in there. Sometimes less is more, as the saying goes. You have to go by what kind of oil it is and what the manufacturer of that oil recommends. I keep hearing about how poor the tolerances are in the HT motors and I guess it is true. I know they are crude and at the same time amazed at how well they run and how much power they put out for the few bucks they cost. What a deal! And the top quality oils are the way to go.
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