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Default Re: Whole scooter for $600 vs. Bike motor for $200

Originally Posted by bandito View Post
But riding a motorized bicycle is fun fun fun I feel like a kid again. I can go anywhere with it and just enjoy the world more slowly. I think you guys understand.........Riding a motorized bicycle is a different experience then a factory scooter or a motorcycle.
Exactly! Riding my motorized bicycle reminds me a lot of how it was to just go for a cruise on my MC except a lot more slowly. I can look around a bit more and enjoy the experience of the ride because for instance I'm taking that 25 mph corner at 25 instead of trying to push it to 50+. Back when I was riding a MC it was more about riding the bike and getting there not just enjoying the ride. Plus do to the fact of the slow speed I always try to find the less traveled road instead of just taking the highway. Taking a nice long ride takes just a little planning since you generally want to stay away from as much traffic as possible.
I've found that on my motorized bicycle I tend to do a lot more exploring, seeing just where this road (I'd never drive down in a car) really goes.

When I took my longest ride to date over Labor Day weekend I came across a little cemetery, it seemed like a good time to take a break and stretch my legs so I ended up doing something I haven't done in over 20 years, I just walked around reading the headstones.
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