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Default Re: Whole scooter for $600 vs. Bike motor for $200

Originally Posted by bandito View Post
Starting next year even 50cc scooters are required by law to have insurance in CO. 1 of my main concerns is being legal and no touble. The thing with DE friction setup is you can disengage the motor just by pulling a lever and I always pedal to look the part and I like the exersize. I sold my kawi klr 650 this summer due to issues and riding it on a daily basis was putting my life at risk every day. People are crazy when it comes to motorcycles and Im not sure Ill ever buy another 1 unless Im out in the country and its for off road use. But riding a motorized bicycle is fun fun fun I feel like a kid again. I can go anywhere with it and just enjoy the world more slowly. I think you guys understand.........Riding a motorized bicycle is a different experience then a factory scooter or a motorcycle.
Really well said Bandito
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