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Cool Looking 4 reliable dealer

Hello: I would like to build an 80cc bike but I'm a little concerned about where to purchase the kit. It seems there are so many web sites offering to sell these kits I can't begin to know which ones are honest. I live in California and some of these site say they won't ship to California because of the E.P.A. Then I see the same kit on another site that will ship to California. It would be nice if I could walk into a "brick and mortar" shop somewhere to buy one. Do they exist? I always find it a little shaky when the only place you can buy something is through the mail, and you can never tell if the "testimonials " you read were written by real customers or just made up by some crook. So I thought I would try this avenue. I am open for suggestions. Thanks in advance for your advice.

P.S. I'm hoping this forum isn't run by a dealer. :-)
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