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Default Re: SMASH! or 'Never Let ANYONE Ride Yer Bike'

Thanks for the "pat on the back" guys, I figured y'all could sympathize lol

Just got back from the dreaded, evil WallyWorld with the donor bike and now that I have the parts I'm feelin' better, o'course I still hafta fix the bdang thing. One of the few charms about these cheaper new bikes is should you need parts - just get another and gut it.

If chosen carefully and ignoring the cheapest ones these bikes can be of quite acceptable quality really, I've been continuously surprised at how well it's put up with my abuses. This latest event really showed how well the frame is made despite being alloy, drilled, and a twenty pound vibrating hammer bolted to it. o_O

I tell ya what though, the new bike looks freakin' odd without a motor in it... mebbe that's jus me

Kevlarr - Murphy is the one true god, yer right - I fear him yet forgot to make sacrifice. I stand humbled v.v

xlite - buddies make fine labrats, good to keep a few around - this adventure didn't hurt me a bit

bandito - *doffs hat and stands for a moment of silence*

Joe - no funny fer you cause I owned two 1978 Honda CBs, a CB750 and a CB350, I had a CB350/4 as well and loved it... I jus can't manage to remember what year that one was made due to my doddering years... '76 mebbe? What great bikes, dang yer eyes fer killin' one o.o Do ya remember what size it was?
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