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Default Re: Whole scooter for $600 vs. Bike motor for $200

Originally Posted by tyrslider View Post
Chinese scooters are way more dangerous than a well constructed mb. They are extremely top heavy and have no gyro' motion due to small wheels.
Beside's if there is an accident or traffic jam, I can kill the motor, ride down the sidewalk, get past or out of the jam; drop clutch or pull the starter and back on the thottle you go!
In WA you can't split lanes w/ an m/c or a scoot. but, w/ tact, I can do better than that on my motorized bicycle and everyone is unnaffected; no jestures of displeasure, or comments at volume, or high frequency 12v diaphrams, etc.
Scoots can be fun, but I wouldn't ride one here in the winter. Ironically there are forums about scooters.
Extremely top heavy? As far as the general build of a scooter, whether it's chinese or Japanese, the build is the same. I've driven many scooters of all sizes and there's absolutely nothing top heavy about them. Don't know how it would be possible since the engine is either center mount or rear wheel mount.
I rode a Japanese scooter for 5 years as my only form of transportation. I drove through ice and snow, torrential rainstorms and hail and still got home halfway dry, washboard dirt roads, moon crater paved roads you name it. Never laid it down, never left me stranded. I found the comfort level higher than any motorcycle or MB. Very cushy. I also have an motorized bicycle and I'm not an motorized bicycle seller, so my opinion is unbiased.
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