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Default Re: Whole scooter for $600 vs. Bike motor for $200

Originally Posted by HoughMade View Post
For raw transportation, I agree. Those who are in it for more than that will spend more and a scooter will not do (myself included). I could have gotten an old used motorcycle for what I have in my bike...but that's not the point. Frankly, $4 gas was a bummer, but did not change my lifestyle. I don't do this for transpo. However, for pure cheap, you can get away for not much more than $200 if you already have a suitable bike.
But you're a lawyer and $4 gas would naturally not have a big impact on your lifestyle. I'm way down on the totem pole and even $3 gas was quite a problem for me and many others. Yes, $200 is less than $600 but you always get what you pay for. A chinese engine kit can nickel and dime you to death and keep you frustrated all the time or you can be fortunate and have no problems. A chinese made scooter could do the same, but probably not as much. A Japanese made scooter can be extremely reliable and depending on the model, can go as fast as you want to go. A good used Yamaha Riva or various Honda models can be had for a wide range of prices. But as you said, this isn't the point. You're in it strictly for the fun or pleasure factor. The guy posting this thread is likely not looking for the pleasure of it but looking for economical transportation.
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