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Default Re: Whole scooter for $600 vs. Bike motor for $200

Originally Posted by Large Filipino View Post
Those cheap scooters are downright dangerous. They can do 35 mph like my 2 stroke can do 35 mph. Then you cannot ride those things on the sidewalks or bike paths safe from death cars and death trucks and death soccer moms on teh death SUV's like you can on a motorized bicycle yes technically you can't but a cop would most definitely pull over a guy on a scooter riding on the sidewalk or bike trail before they will one on a motorized bicycle.
I'm rather surprised people actually buy these things. For a safety aspect scooters should at the very least have 110cc engines.
All things aside like cheap chinese workmanship etc, it depends on a lot of variables too many to mention here, but whether someone prefers a scooter (the subject is SMALL scooters) depends greatly on their situation and their location. If you're in a small town and use if for trips to the store etc and not your major higher speed transportation, a small scooter can be perfect, especially with the gas savings. Even in a larger city, they can still be a great form of economical transportation and there's always out of the way routes to avoid major traffic lanes. I've owned many scooters of all sizes and they are very comfortable, smooth and dependable transportation. I presently know people who have driven them for many years. It's hard to ignore that millions of people around the world drive them.
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