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Default Re: ultralight/moped anyone?

Originally Posted by justthisguy1292 View Post
I was inspired by an ultralight flying by my house. are there any auronotic junkies here who can tell me if these engines could power a slow ultralight? I know this isn't about paint jobs but it certainly is about arriving in style. I'm thinking a large wing clamped to the front and a smaller one to the back. I know it sounds crazy, but i can't think of why it couldn't work. My plans aren't as simple as that but thats the general gist.
Oh man! First, you can do it! Second, I would love to see how you are going to. I ran out of money for this but am working on a row boat with 3 wheels and a hanglider wing.

Watch this; YouTube - Anka Havac?l?k ušan bot

BA gives great advice;

QUOTE=BarelyAWake;106010]Not to rattle a cage - but man, yeah... this was a bit too blunt o_O

If it wasn't for enthusiasm and a willingness to go out on a limb like justthisguy's, none of us woulda strapped these 2smokers to our bikes - let alone anyone inventing the airplane. I think we were doing a fine job of pointing out safe, viable alternatives... whereas your post seemed focused on just shooting him down.

Some of the things I dearly love about this forum are the creative spirit, the general friendliness, and most of all - encouragement.

I admit this is a bit trivial - but how the **** do you know "more about what it takes to fly than any other person on this thread" - particularly given this was your second post ever on this forum? You haven't the slightest idea whom you're referring to, for all you know - I could be a direct descendant of good ol' Orville himself...

Ultralight flying is primarily home builds, most if not all the pilots experiment with their planes and quite a few build from scratch, myself included. While we warned him that it would be better to start with a proven engine/airframe design, even linked a few possibilities - we didn't try to just get him to "Drop the subject".

There's actually quite a LOT of crossover between motorized bicycles and ultralights, both are home builds & usually kits - necessitating quite a bit of "creativity", both are usually 2 strokes and all of the idiosyncrasies that go along with them, both are very sensitive to design alterations yet have endless possibilities.

I for one was quite enjoying this thread, please keep your buzzkill to yourself kthx[/QUOTE]

YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Get beat up trying, I and many others will be cheering you on! (And helping you up, snork)
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