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Unhappy Mounting Engine without a ton of tools?

Hey guys,

Brand-spankin' new to the whole motorized bicycle world, and decided to give it a try.

I have found a solution for everything I have come across in the process of adding a chain-driven motor to my bicycle; except for mounting the motor on the back.

I have to put it on a stand for the back that attatches to the bike at a single point just below the seat, simply because I don't have a welder, plasma cutter, or grinder or so. pretty much the only tools I have are a power drill, a dremmel (which has been working as a grinder for me), and a sockett wrench. If It's something simple I need, I probably have it, but those, along with JB Weld are the main things I've used.

Plain and simple, I need to mount the motor, and I don't really have alot to do it with. If you guys have any suggestions or so for me, please let me know. The main issue so far is not keeping it on, however it is keeping it in just the right place to keep the chain on. If you have any idea as to what to do. I also don't really want to spend alot more money on this. I've put in around $120 so far, when I originally thought it would be more like $50.

Thanks a ton guys, and I can put some pictures up later if you need them because I'm crazy vaque or so.

-Brian Truman.

P.S. I did search before, but nobody was in the same prediciment I'm in.

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