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Default Re: Another Build from an abandon in the park bike

I rode the bike today with the stock engine I don't like it at all. the carb will not lean out at all, I have the clip on the top notch and it still 4 strokes. I lowered the float and still the same. So I cut the slide and it is slightly better just off the idle but you still cant go near the wide open throttle, and I am at sea level. I have not idea what someone would do at an elevated city. I am doing this to see what the engines would be like if I could not do any engine work. In the past I have not run any of my engines stock I always take them apart and do the porting and check to see it the parts are in there proper places. One thing I noticed straight away is that the two kits have quite a few differences, and I ordered them together. On the one I was so glad to find the gears not screaming, then the next one is a real screamer, so out with that. I like the new clutch handle then the clips on the bottom to hold the plunger in place flew out clips gone!. I had to do a lot of carving the get the muffler to run past the pedals, I change the angle of the outlet port on the barrel. You know if they want to clone something to use on these engines they need to go get the old Tillitson carb, you could adjust everything from the outside, I think I only have one in my junk pile. LOL. These engines could be the best thing ever invented with just a few simple improvements. I wonder if the Russian version that was cloned to make the Happy engine kits were better though out? Well have fun, Dave
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