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Default Re: AMPT Frames?

Originally Posted by Junster View Post
Hey AsianMonkey I installed my CNS today and your right the K&N "style" filter isn't very sturdy. Which real K&N are you using?
Err...bought it almost a year ago. I've no idea what it is. I went to their website and ordered it direct. They have a pretty comprehensive listing of their filters showing dimensions so I picked one that would fit (there were several) and went with that. On the Krazy 8 bike there's a lot of space behind the motor because of the frame shape and the peculiar way I mounted the engine so I had a lot of leeway with the filter mounting. Actually, the CNS carb and filter were originally for the military bike but they didn't fit that one at all so I put them on the Krazy 8. I may have to go look again and see if I can find one with a 90 degree bend in it as I have another CNS carb sitting in a bucket unused right now due to the bad original air filter.
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