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Originally Posted by goat herder View Post
Ok any tips on measuring for the right length spokes. Haven't thought all this out yet. I want heavy gauge spokes. Will probably have to change the rim to accommodate. Really cool thanks for sharing!!
i went to the spoke calculators on line, put in the numbers and they all said i needed 9.1 inch spokes. but i knew that was wrong because i had already tried using 9.75 inch and they were to short. so i tried the stock 10.5 spokes that came off the bike and they were to long. i ended up using 10.25 inch. it was a trial and error thing since i couldn't get good info from the spoke calculators. on the plus side i had to relace the wheel so many times i learned how to do it.

the tank is a fiberglass tank were making, will have some for sale in a few weeks.

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