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Default Re: So how much money in your Bike?

Well I started out just needing a bicycle and bought it for $200, I live on a small mountain and discovered going up the hill I needed some help so then I bought a DE friction setup for $750 to help me go up that hill. Then Im thinking some one might want to steel this puppy so I bought a cable lock and a u-lock for it $60. After riding it for a few days I discovered I need a bell to warn pedestrians and a mirror to see cars coming up behind me $25. After 3 flat tires I decided to beef up the tires and tubes $50 includes 1 spare new tire and thorn proof tube. Need to carry stuff so a folding wald basket for $20 too. 3 spare urethane rollers from DE in different sizes $50. Axle lock nut skinny 15mm wrench because I didnt want to grind down a sears or snapon wrench $7. Lastly I just bought a nashbar light set for $30 and a small hex multi tool to carry with me to adjust the brakes if needed $8, Tire patch kit for $4. You add it up Im but I love this bike and will always keep 1 to ride as pure fun but if I did it all over again I would do it differently. DE is a great reliable setup but I just havnt had any luck when wet getting any traction between the roller and tire. But its a reliable ride and its legal and that is what I needed.
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