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Default Re: Skeptics Review of SBP Tuned Pipe

That's why I don't wear bell-bottoms you hippy

It's hard to see in this pic, but I just used a piece of old rim liner (or inner tube w/e) between the spring and the Dtube to reduce chafe;

Ya prolly know this, but run yer safety wire through the middle of the spring to both loops. This way should it just be a hook that lets go (usually what happens) - you still have the spring and can rebend a hook

Ofc... I've still not followed my own advice meh - watch as I loose a spring on my ride to work today lol

edit: a very neat and tidy solution with some shrink tubing (and far more than just mere safety wire no less lol);

more good info on exhaust systems using spring retainers;
Exhaust springs, Rotax exhaust springs, exhaust spring installation tools and tips.

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