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Default Re: Locktite

I never use Locktite, for one reason alone - I take my bike apart WAY too frequently to want anything like that lol

TBH, I'm not a huge fan of nylocks either for that reason and others. While they are good for certain applications one of the things many fail to realize is technically yer supposed to only use them once. Repeated installation and removal compromises the nylon's integrity, while you can get quite a few uses out of them with our bike application I still prefer the good ol' lockwasher (these aren't "infinite" use either, but at least you can tell lol).

Obviously you shouldn't use a nylock in a high heat area, prolly should clean all the greasy nastiness off the threads to insure it seats properly, know that it'll mess with torque readings, and last but not least...

I hate threading the lil buggers on

There's only one real "solution" to the fastener question particularly on such a vibration prone application, and that's checking them before you ride

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