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Got my 80cc bike kit, installed on a smaller frame mountain bike, front wheel wouldnt clear the exhaust so i put a BMX bike wheel on the front, rides great, Alot better for getting around than a car. I have a DUI which is why i got this, its a bit bumpy at first but had to do little modifications such as tensioner bolts broke when i tightented them, added a couple hose clamps to frame and tensioner to prevent it from moving towards front and smaller hose clamp on frame to prevent it from moving towards back of bike. I just purchased a giant mountain bike with shocks and such with front fork and seat and springs on seat etc. Tonight going to be putting grease on chain and by gears of clutch and on clutch line to prevent corrosion and it from breaking later on. I will have that running later so i get back to you guys with my results.

Any of you have problems with the front U mount where the nuts go on get stripped, seems like that part is a cheap piece, ill have to go to hardware store to get a better one and make a mount for the exhaust to settle the rattle down a bit. I drilled the exhaust where it has the moving part (cat) to quiet it with screws and lock washers, sounds alot better with less noise. Any advice for a muffler that makes the least amount of noise?

Im still breaking in the engine, i figure another 1/2 gallon will be good for the break in. Im mixing the oil myself with correct measurements, spark plug i had to replace due to it arcing. Any advice would be appreciated. thanks.
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