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Default Re: Manic Mechanic sprocket adapter


Thank you for the review! And thank you for being so patient!

Be sure to use a cheater bar of some sort, (A small pipe, the box end of a wrench...something), on the allen wrench that is used to tighten the 3 sprocket mounting bolts...get them tight! The threads will not strip. You don't have to twist the allen , but the sprocket mounting bolts should be tight.

I've had a few customers tighten those bolts lightly...if they aren't tight they will back out.

I've installed many of these here at the shop and have never had a problem, but I do have a small diameter piece of thick wall aluminum tubing that I use as an extension, or cheater bar. I've never used locktite on any of the builds I've done here, but it couldn't hurt.

Again...thank you for the review.


On a side note:

Justin at Pirate cycles, (Sponsor on the left), has a nice inventory of our Shimano CB-110/CB110E sprocket adapters, with 40T sprockets, available for immediate shipment...The hub measurement is 1.524-1.528. If you need this size adapter, please order from Justin...It will help out the Manic Mechanic shop if you guys buy from my vendors.


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