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Default Re: Manic Mechanic sprocket adapter

Sprocket and adapter was in the mail box today! It took just over a month total from order date (I have no problem with that at all BTW) If you order one, I'm sure there are times they get done quicker, depends on the current order volume I'm sure. I ordered mid Summer, I imagine that would be a busy time for MM. It fit like it was made for the hub! (oh yea, it was) Top quality work, zero eliptical runout, slight...very slight wobble. All my noises and vibrations went away. I am using a KMC chain (415HD) which I highly recommend anyone get before your MM adapter arrives. For that matter, get a better chain even if you don't get the MM adapter. Unless your going to do a shift kit, the MM adapter is a "must have" item.

As for ratio, I ordered a 40 tooth. I was using the stock 44t and wanted to lower my cruise RPM a tad. I usually ride at about 25mph and the 40 tooth on a mtn bike 26" wheel is about perfect IMO. Feels about the same at startup and low speed when idling and pedaling. I gained about 3 or 4 MPH at full throttle. On my short test ride I went 32 MPH and that is truely about as fast as I would ever want to go on a mountain bike. Others will argue that but to each his own.
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